Ma'at Rising, Incorporated

"Inner Beautification for an Outward Manifestation"

Ma'at Rising, Incorporated seeks to be a wholistic resource for women committed to living on a new level- embracing wholeness, purpose, and passion in order to manifest our true destiny.



What Is Ma'at Rising,Inc?

Ma'at  Rising, Incorporated is a female owned small business located in North Carolina that focuses on equipping African-American women with the tools they need to be healthy and educated- contributing to the overall health of the local and surrounding community. We believe that strengthening the family starts by strengthening the woman.  To this end, our foremost mission is to encourage and support all activities in every life area (business/finance, spiritual, education, health, etc.) of African-American women in order to see them healthy, strong, creative, and thriving.

How Do We Achieve This?

1. Personal & Professional Development Seminars

2. Health & Holistic Retreats


Our Vision: To see a healthy, educated, and economically thriving African-American cultural community- nationwide.


"More than a Company, We're a Movement"

Chat @    (910) 390-0364